How 8 TV and movie scenes were shot to look like one take

Many movies have scenes shot to look like one long take. To do this, filmmakers will shoot a scene in long, unedited segments and then stitch them together. Action movies like “Atomic Blonde” will do this by having actors run in front of the camera to hide the cuts. For a one-take action sequence in Netflix’s “Extraction,” director Sam Hargrave had to strap himself to the roof of a vehicle and then quickly run off in order to get an uninterrupted shot of Chris Hemsworth. One-take scenes can help show the passage of time, like when Showtime needed to film a montage that took place over the course of five years in “Kidding.” Meanwhile, the Oscar winners “Birdman” and “1917” kept the one-take illusion going for their entire running times. In order to cover a lot of ground, both these movies traveled light: they relied on small handheld cameras as well as natural light in place of large light kits.

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