Hot Property

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The print transcoding from 16mm to HD:


HOT PROPERTY was filmed in 1969 with a 16mm Kodak Royal which I had liberated from my Father. It had a clockwork mechanism which allowed for a 20 second burst. (The Kodak Royal Cine Camera was a magazine loading camera and favoured by our own Queen Elizabeth for her Home Movies. She was certainly a better exponent of the art than my Dad – who, more often than not, would expose 20 seconds of footage of the inside of the Camera case.)

At the time I was working in the Kitchens of the Savoy Hotel , London, on a Management Training Course. A single Magazine, or cartridge, had a running time of about 3 minutes and cost approximately £3 a time which was almost as much as I was paid for one week’s toil in the Savoy Kitchens!

The Royal Festival Hall is a Concrete Structure which is both simultaneously loved and reviled, in equal measure. It lies on the South Bank of the Thames embankment opposite the Savoy Hotel and is immediately adjacent to the Waterloo Bridge.

It seems astonishing now to think that my Hotel colleagues and I made this film over two consecutive Sunday Mornings running around the Festival Hall Concours armed with Toy guns and hunting Knives. Today you would be almost immediately shot before you could point out to the Swat Unit the position of the Tripod and Camera!

The original footage was shot at 16 FPS and has been transcoded into HD 25 FPS by ALIVE STUDIOS…of Devon. (Don’t ask me how!!)

This has given me an opportunity to revisit the Edit, crop the original, add an audio track and Colour grade the footage. It’s not ideal, and I lack some of the prerequisite foley skills (!) but it is by no means bad.

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