Hope Is In Our DNA | Lisa Harper | Elevation Church

Hope isn’t always easy to hold on to — especially in overwhelming or difficult seasons. In “Hope Is In Our DNA,” Lisa Harper teaches on some of the most “hopeless” passages in the Bible — only to show that hope is often where we least expect it.

From the Garden of Eden to King David to Jesus Himself, Lisa reveals how, just when you think nothing can change, God can change everything. And when things seem dark and we feel alone and we’re not sure how things are ever going to get better… He is there with restoration, redemption, and hope.

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Section Titles:
0:00 – Welcome!
3:19 – This Has Been A Faith Opportunity
7:00 – Has Your Hope Been Threatened?
9:00 – The Proof of Hope
12:18 – Let’s Start At The Beginning
15:26 – God Drove Them Out (Genesis 3, verses 21-24)
21:58 – How Gracious Is Our God
24:00 – God Is Actively Redeeming Culture (Numbers 27, verses 1-8)
27:10 – You Have To Understand The Context (Deuteronomy 22, verses 28-29)
30:16 – Have We Missed What Jesus Really Meant? (Matthew 18, verses 15-17)
37:36 – Don’t Take It Out of Context (Hebrews 4, verse 12)
41:06 – Jesus Knows You’re Running Out of Hope
50:16 – Express Your Hope To The World
51:27 – God, Open Our Eyes

Hope Is In Our DNA | Lisa Harper | Elevation Church

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