Hayden Summerall Talks Collaborating With Shawn Mendes & Fans Pulling Him Off Stage!!

Hayden Summerall is in the Hollywire studio with Jana Rosenberg! We played Noggins Up and Rapid Fire Questions, PLUS got to chat all things music. Hayden tells us who he’d want to do a collab with if he could pick anyone. We also got the inside scoop on what tour with Johnny Orlando was like. As much as we’d love a Johnny and Hayden collab, Shawn Mendes might take the cake on Hayden’s first pick. Watch the full interview to get all the details AND the story of Hayden’s craziest fan encounter yet.

Hayden Summerall is one of our favorites here at Hollywire! At just 14, this young teen heartthrob has a huge fan base. He comes from a big family, born in Dallas, Texas being one of 4 boys! As far as TV/film goes he has done it all. He famously played TK in ‘Chicken Girls’ on Brat Network as well as appearing in the pilot episode of ‘Sneaky Pete’. Hayden has also become a big name in music since going on tour with Jacob Sartorius in 2018. Recently, he and Johnny Orlando are taking the world by storm. We can’t wait to see what Hayden will do next.

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