Hadag Nahash & Infected Mushroom – LEGAL EYES (Official Music Video)

An innovative music video for the Legalization anthem “Legal Eyes” by Hadag Nahash & Infected Mushroom – combined from live action footage and crazy animation techniques.

Behind The Scenes: https://vimeo.com/200805357
Directors Notes: http://directorsnotes.com/2017/02/08/tal-zagreba-robert-moreno-daniel-sasson-legal-eyes/

Created by Tal Zagreba, Robert Moreno & Daniel Sasson
Directors: Tal Zagreba & Robert Moreno
Screenplay and Concept: Tal Zagreba
Animation Director: Robert Moreno
Stop-Motion Director: Daniel Sasson
2D Animation: Robert Moreno, Daniel Sasson
Stop-Motion Animation: Daniel Sasson
Compositing: Robert Moreno, Daniel Sasson
Live-Action Producer: Aviv Shiloh
Live-Action DOP: Eric Raphael Mizrahi
Live-Action Gaffer: Eric Raphael Mizrahi
Additional Cinematography: Ido Grosman, Aviv Shiloh
Editor: Robert Moreno
Color Grading: Robert Moreno
Prop Making: Daniel Sasson
Storyboard: Robert Moreno
Co-Production Company: Great Guns

Lyrics & Music by Hadag Nahash
Performed by Hadag Nahash & Infected Mushroom
Musical Production by Infected Mushroom & Hadag Nahash

“Hadag Nahash” on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/hadagnahash
“Infected Mushroom” on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/infectedmushroom
Youtube Version: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PHbwwwoE7-s&feature=youtu.be

Special Thanks: Yo! Studios, Movie Mobile, Lior Waldman, Roy Tal, Yonatan Benaksas, Alex Zagreba, Dina Blich, Shay Zagreba, Getta Rosenzweig, Ori Zayag, Mizrahi Family

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