Guardians of the Ghost – Patrolling the Land of the Leopard

In November 2018 we set out to meet Gruppa Bars, an environmental task force assigned to protect the remaining snow leopards of Kyrgyzstan. Not knowing what to expect we joined the anti-poaching unit on their arduous journey through the mountains in order to find out what it is that motivates them.

Shot on Kodak 16mm film.

Featuring Petr, Zhyrgal, Zhenish, Beka, Bek.
Director, Cinematographer & Editor: Walter Stoehr
PA, on set translator, language consultant: Petr Eremin
Music: Moritz Staub
Sound design: Moritz Staub & Karin Pallier (Staub Audio)
Title designer: Philipp Kuhn
Colorist: Samuel Muff – SLGH ZH

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