Google unveils next generation of Pixel phones

Google unveiled a new smartphone Tuesday…its latest attempt to showcase its push into hardware. The Pixel 4 smartphone features higher quality cameras, a radar sensor to track hand gestures and a faster virtual assistant… but critics say the device lacks unique features to set it apart from rivals. Another major concern– pricing. The fourth-generation Pixel can cost as much as $899 for the larger version…putting it in the same price range as industry leaders Samsung and Apple. But tech experts say consumers these days are looking for more affordable options instead of going for a high-end, premium device and they’re holding on to their devices for much longer. At a New York press event Tuesday Google also announced that for the first time all four major U.S. wireless carriers will offer the smartphones, beginning Oct. 24. And it unveiled its first moderately priced laptop, first wireless earbuds and upgrades to its Wifi router and smart speaker. Google started developing hardware about four years ago, betting that it could introduce artificial intelligence into devices faster and better than rivals and that consumers would clamor for such features. The strategy has generated mixed results. But Google is pushing forward, not wanting to cede ground to Amazon, Facebook and other competitors which are investing in hardware to make users spend more time on their services.

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