“Good Boys” Brady Noon Explains How He Bonded With Seth Rogan On Set!

Ashley Brinkman is with Brady Noon at SXSW talking about “Good Boys”! Brady tells us about working with Seth Rogan and how they bonded while doing promo for the movie. He also spills on some stunts he does in the film. Brady tells us that “Good Boys” isn’t just funny, but a warm and heartfelt movie that you must go see! “Good Boys” is in theaters now.

Brady Noon is just 13 years old and already a successful actor. He is known for being in the TV series “Boardwalk Empire” and now “Good Boys” as Thor. In “Good Boys” he works alongside Seth Rogan, Jacob Tremblay, and Keith L. Williams. We can’t wait to see what is next for Brady.

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