Gold Panda ‘In My Car’

I miss my grandparents.

“I was thinking about all this cool stuff we could do: slow-mo shots, what outfit I could wear, maybe an explosion, and who could be in my crew. But real life is exciting enough. You just don’t see it when you’re in it.” – Gold Panda

Produced by Agile films for City Slang
Director – Rob Brandon
Producer – Kat Cattaneo
Cinematography – Rina Yang
Production Assistant – Ria Hanish-Oaks
Focus Pulller – Andres Claridge
Editor – Rob Brandon
Colorist – Toby Tomkins
Runners –
Ben Ibbott
Anna Peftieva
Lyndsay White
Nisa Yang
Thanks – Lakhi & Chelmsford City Museums

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