GOING DEEPER . Love letter to Nazare

“Going Deeper – Love letter to Nazare” is a passion project filmed in Nazare, Portugal, directed by Luke Huxham. This isn’t an action sports film, it’s not even a surf film; it’s a human story set amongst the most powerful waves known to man. And a tribute to Praia do Norte. One of the most beautiful and dangerous beaches in the world, where feats once thought impossible, have been achieved by the brave.

「Going Deeper」はポルトガルのナザレで撮影された、ハクスハム・ルーク監督による自主制作作品です。この映像はアクションスポーツの映像でもなく、単なるサーフィンの映像でもなく、世界最大級の波に挑戦する人々の人生の物語であり、プライア・ド・ノルテへの感謝の気持ちを捧げるために作成されました。この最も美しく最も危険なビーチで、 かつて不可能だといわれてきた波に勇敢に挑み、制覇した人々を撮影しました。

We would like to take a moment to thank all the people featured in our film, from the surfers captured within our film to the locals of Nazare, and mayor Walter Chicharro. Along with RED camera for their never-ending support for the film community and big thanks to www.Mariaridingcompany.com.

Featuring : Abraham Ho, Alex Botelho, Justine Dupont, Hugo Vau, Fred David

Written and Directed by : Luke Huxham
Produced by : Huxham Creative Studio (HCS)
Executive producer : Hoshino Atushi
Assistant director : Dominik Somweber
DP : Eder Robert
DP : Chris Bryan
Project Manager : Sean Line
Editor : Akira Rambo (HCS)
Assistant Editor : Luke Huxham (HCS)
Colour : Huxham Creative Studio
Additional crew : Yosuke Suga, Byung-Gyu Min, Masahiro Nishiguchi
Special thanks : Influx-inc, RED Camera, RAID Japan, G-Technology, DJI, Antoine Chicoye, Pedro Pisco @ Car Surf.

#NVRFUKNSUC Special Project
WEB : www.huxhamcs.com
GRAM : https://www.instagram.com/directorlukeh/
GRAM : https://www.instagram.com/huxhamcreativestudio/


Back Story

We traveled to Nazare 3 years ago with a massive swell forecasted to hit as we arrived. We brought a film crew comprised of friends, nothing set up on the ground, just an idea with a loose script, and a run and gun attitude. Once we arrived, we headed down to the docks where we saw a lady walking around with a pink surfboard; it was Justine Dupont from France with her partner Fred David. We asked them if they wanted to be in our film, and from this point forward we met, Hugo Vau and Alex Botelho.

This project was a battle from start to finish; our first two-week filming trip ended without a single massive swell caught on camera. We flew back to Japan, defeated. One week later, we had a call from our water DP, Chris Bryan, telling us of a massive swell forecasted to hit Nazare, so it was a race to get back there. Not all our characters were in Nazare during our second trip, so we filmed as much as we could with the people available. We had two trips to capture as much footage as possible, but believe me, if we could keep flying back, we would. That’s the struggle with passion projects, time, money, and uncontrollable life events.

We hope this film can give you a sense of what it takes mentally and physically to ride these massive ocean swells.


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