God’s Got Your Back | Pastor Steven Furtick | Elevation Church

Don’t let what you’re walking into distract you from the fact that God is walking with you. 

In “God’s Got Your Back,” Pastor Steven teaches us that our faith shouldn’t lie in what’s ahead, but in who is backing us.

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0:00 – West Coast, We’re Coming!
0:52 – A Word To Empower Your Spirit
3:52 – Stay In Constant Communication With God
6:42 – Say Something Sooner
9:20 – You Don’t Talk To God Enough
12:19 – What Do You Turn To?
14:49 – I Need God Quick
17:22 – Distracted By What You’re Walking Into
20:57 – Ask God For Help Sooner
23:09 – God’s Got Your Back
26:12 – What God Begins, He Backs
29:32 – This Is What Worry Is
31:37 – God Will Guide You
35:32 – Paralyzed By The Decision
39:07 – Taking Your First Steps
42:35- This Is The Way; Walk In It
47:28 – Backed By God
53:37 – Stay Close To God

Scripture References:
Isaiah 30, verses 19-21

God’s Got Your Back | Pastor Steven Furtick | Elevation Church

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