GO Taiwan

GO Taiwan!

What comes to mind when you think of Taiwan? We had no idea what to expect…

Beautiful landscapes, amazing food and the most heartwarming people is what we found. An island in the Pacific off the coast of China, Taiwan has a perfect mix of cultures from it’s neighboring countries of Japan and the Philippines.

We’ve been busy with client projects recently so it’s exciting to finally have the time to get this one out of the editing room. This world keeps inspiring us every place we visit and passion projects like these are the reason why we film everyday. We hope you love seeing this and that this video gives you a brief glimpse into Taiwan.

Thanks to everyone that helped out so much with this project. Fei Lu, Talon Vick and the many other Taiwanese friends that we made along the way!

This film would never have been possible without our friend and talent/fixer/filmmaker Fei Lu. Also a big shout out to the amazing original music by Talon Vick. Thank you so much.

Music by Talon Vick
Talent Fei Lu

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