GENER8ION + M.I.A. – The New International Sound Pt. II (Official music video)

Full ep available on iTunes:

Directed by Inigo Westmeier and featuring the 36 000 students of Shaolin Tagou, the biggest fighting school for kids in China.

Directed by Inigo Westmeier
Edited by Walter Mauriot
Creative direction by Ben Surkin
Produced by Bromance Records.
Executive production by Romain Gavras and Iconoclast.
Adapted From “Dragon Girls” produced by Open Window Film & Gap Films.
Identity by David Rudnick

Full ep available here:


Mia you can wiki me
I don’t be no dummenee
Dumbing me is killing me
Like it can be that enemy
They come at me
They gonna meet my
people gonna cover me
The ones that govern me
Ain’t the ones that can power me
It’s the sun and moon
that’s turning me
If I get high it’s burning me
You can kill my privacy
But you can’t kill that love in me.

It’s a game can’t me tamed
Keep your fame and I’ll keep my faith

Oh yeah you can keep it

Store my name
say my name
Know my name
And I’ll keep my faith

Oh yeah you can keep it

Light it up, turn em on, that’s when my powers gone, gonna keep it,
I take em off, turn em off, and my powers on.

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