GA Talks: Stacey Abrams x Padma Lakshmi

Georgia, make a plan to vote on Tuesday, Jan. 5th. Go to to find your polling location. As part of Rolling Stone’s new series Georgia Talks — in which notable political figures and entertainers discuss the upcoming Senate runoff election in Georgia on January 5th — author Padma Lakshmi interviewed Georgia voting rights activist Stacey Abrams on why this particular election is so important.

“Let’s be clear: This is about whether or not there is actual Covid relief,” Abrams said. “Right now, Americans are expected to live on $600 for the rest of the winter as the only form of relief being offered. This is about whether we have a recovery package that actually includes local governments, where we finance teachers and law enforcement. It’s about whether we have jobs that get created in this new economy, to help us recover but also to help think about what’s next.”

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