Fmr. Boston College student pleads not guilty in boyfriend suicide case

Former Boston College student Inyoung You pleaded not guilty on Friday to charges of involuntary manslaughter stemming from what prosecutors said was her role in encouraging her boyfriend to commit suicide… 21-year-old You, A South-Korean Born U.S. Citizen, was charged last month over the May 20th suicide of her college boyfriend Alexander Urtula, who leaped to his death from a parking garage hours before his graduation…. Suffolk County Assistant District Attorney Caitlin Grasso said between March and May of this year, the two exchanged over 75,000 thousand text messages, including messages from You telling Urtula to ‘go kill himself’ and ‘to go die’.. (sound from the court – prosecutor reading out the messages) Prosecutors also said that You used threats of harming herself to control her 22-year-old boyfriend, isolating him from his friends and family, and was aware of his suicidal thoughts when she encouraged him to kill himself.. (find another upsound from courtroom) Prosecutors say Urtula spent the night with You in her dorm room the day before his death… The next day, Urtula texted You and his brother that he was going to take his own life.. You used her cell phone to track his location to a parking garage in the Roxbury neighborhood in Boston.. Prosecutors said You was on the roof when he jumped..

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