Floating Dreams

Education is the passport to the future ; Tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today. Access to Education comes served on a platter for the Urban Dwellers and it may seem rather inconsequential, to appreciate the privilege of it.

But there’s the other section of the society – one’s that gets so entangled in making ends meet, these wonderful beings in the rural corners, for whom the reach of education doesn’t come easy. Rather these souls put in their heart and soul to absorb and garner every tiny drop of education they can hold on to. For them education is the only weapon to transform their life for better.

I have always been fascinated by the kids on the banks of Chandubi. Landlocked by wide pristine lakes and lacking suitable fast access infrastructure, their only means of getting from point A to B is by crossing the lake rowing a boat. During each of my visit, I would watch in amusement on how these kids cycle to the shore and then row the boat across and further cycle for about 10kms to finally make it to their school. I did try to freeze the same as photos but I always felt images were unable to convey the emotion that I was witnessing.

This time incidently, I visited Chandubi with a clear objective. To document it all on video. I spent two days shooting, with Satarupa Rabha as the main character. A class 10th student – with dreams of becoming a singer, she was charming and buzzing with an attitude thats so refreshing and positive towards life. “I only cycle 10kms each day to school – other kids cycle for more than 20kms” she said – as if her efforts were miniscule. We – the urban zombies – for sure have a lot to learn from these little pristine vestiges of India.

Gears :

Nikon Z6 24-70 S f4
Nikon D5 24-70 2.8
Zhiyun Weebill S
DJI Mavic Mini
Rode VideoMicro

Score : Summit – Kevin Graham – Licenced on Artlist

Shoot – Edit – Grade – Sound Design : Subodh Shetty

Stay Hungry – Stay Foolish


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