First Came The Light

First Came The Light documents a month of summer shenanigans among friends in northwest Montana. Fatigued from quarantined city life, we set out for Big Sky Country from San Francisco with intentions to connect with nature, release building tensions, and experience the wild backcountry of Glacier National Park. From the onset, a simple intention with this film was clear: keep a Super 8 camera in-hand at all times and pull the trigger when noteworthy moments inevitably occur. And have fun. Honest and candid, no frills.

Shot & Edited by Skyler Carrico

Art: Trevor Port

Samuel Canniff
Skyler Carrico
Brian Chorski
Robert Eggers
Zach Jiroun
Travis Kauffman
Nathan Peterson
Jake Wagner
Farrah Wong

Canon 514 XL-S & 814 XL-S / Kodak 200T & 500T
Processed by Spectra Film & Video
Scanned by Nicholas Coyle

Music: “Evolve” by Trey Anastasio

Featured on @kodak:

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