Faithful With A Few | Pastor Steven Furtick | Elevation Church

It’s what you do with the few. 

In “Faithful With A Few,” we’re reminded that our praise paves the way for God’s provision.

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0:00 – Elevation Nights, West Coast Edition!
0:52 – There Is A Message In This For You
5:28 – Faithful With A Few
8:52 – Praising God For His Faithfulness
13:34- There’s A Lot In That Water
16:07 – Do It By Faith
19:22 – I Can’t Do This Without You, God
21:39 – Logic Versus Faith
23:39 – You Can’t Wait To Celebrate
26:50 – A Pro-Tip For Praising God
30:42 – Jesus Is Lord, Not Logic
33:32 – Telling Yourself To Praise God
36:12 – God Works In Strange Ways
41:40 – Satan Wants You To Think It’s Not Enough
44:22 – What God Can Do Through A Few
50:38 – Feeling Like You’re Going Backwards
52:31 – You Don’t Need More
55:56 – You Only Need Four
1:00:29 – I Know A Few & It’s Enough

Scripture References:
1 Chronicles 16, verses 7-24
Judges 7, verse 2

Faithful With A Few | Pastor Steven Furtick | Elevation Church

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