What will you do #WhenThisIsOver ?

Please call that friend, family member; that person who sat next to you at work. Call, and tell them they have a person who cares for them. Stay safe. Call them and tell them…

We miss you. We love you. We’re with you.

#Excelsior #EverUpward #WhenThisIsOver

Made with love from NYC.

Production Company: Sanctuary
Directed by Elle Ginter + Stephania Dulowski
Shot by: Stephania Dulowski + Elle Ginter
Edited by: Stephania Dulowski
Grade by: Elle Ginter
Sound Mix by: Only Audio / Daniel Lidchi
Open VO: Gov. Cuomo


Excelsior #EverUpward is the culmination of numerous sleepless nights driving through NYC at the height of the Covid19 quarantine. The film was created in effort to positively reflect forwards and highlight what New Yorkers miss most in the center of self-isolation.

All footage shot on our iPhones. Voices and videos are family, friends and acquaintances used with permission and sent in specifically for this project alone. All sounds are our own.

Special thanks to the friends and acquaintances who left voicemails, recorded calls, donated their sounds, thoughts and voices to our love letter of encouragement and thanks to NYC.

Featured in:
LBB Online
Shoot Magazine
Ad of the Day , Campaign Brief
Best Ads on TV

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