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You know, salmon ice cream isn’t as bad as it sounds, though maybe don’t give it to your children unless they know what they’re signing up for. Join Amiel Stanek as he attempts to cook salmon in almost every way possible, including pan-seared, coffee machine-cooked and moss-wrapped over campfire.

Timecodes for each method:
Sashimi: 0:29
Ceviche: 0:56
Cured: 1:27
Pan-Seared: 2:03
Cold Pan: 2:44
Pan Fried: 3:17
Burger: 3:52
Grill (3-Ways): 4:40
Grilled: 4:57
Cedar Plank: 5:24
Kebab: 5:52
Grill Basket: 6:15
Pickled: 6:50
Canned: 7:22
Poached: 8:09
Coffee Pot: 8:41
Rillette: 9:14
Ice Cream: 9:45
Steamed: 11:13
Boiled: 11:44
Campfire (3 Ways): 12:16
Clay Wrapped: 12:48
Banana Leaf: 13:17
Moss Covered: 13:39
Deep Fried: 14:11
Beer Battered: 14:41
Fish Sticks: 15:13
Air Fryer: 15:51
Skin Chips: 16:20
Sous Vide: 16:47
Jerky: 17:26
Hair Dryer: 18:02
Smoker: 18:36
Searzall: 19:07
On A Stick: 19:46
Buried: 20:17
Mailbox: 21:00
Hot Tub: 21:33
Slow Baked: 22:16
Roasted: 22:46
Broiled: 23:17
En Papillote: 23:52
Salt Crusted: 24:22

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Every Way to Cook Salmon (43 Methods) | Bon Appétit

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