Eve Before – NOWNESS

This unsettling story of new motherhood, featuring a powerful performance from actress Jessica Biel, is experimental director Quentin Jones’ first foray into narrative film.

Delving into the destructive experience of post-natal depression, the London-born, New York-based Jones’s film depicts Eve, a new mother confronting identity loss and feelings of powerlessness after the birth of her child, while mourning the life she led before. Talking about the background to the film’s socially resonant story, Jones explains: “Jessica, who plays the protagonist, had her first child shortly before filming. Much of her story came out of an improvised conversation between her and myself.

“The story is about the juxtaposition of the two sides of Eve’s character—before and after she gives birth, which leads us to understand the forceful dichotomy that causes her to unravel.”

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