Epitact TVC directed by Gunther GHEERAERT

Production: Sixtine
Producer: Alexandre Festaz
Executive Producer: Lou Piyasena
Director: Günther Gheeraert
DP: Nils Ruinet
1st AC: Maxime Maujean
Head electrician: Gwilhem Rosemberg
Electrician: Baptiste Rosemberg
Set Designer: Erwan Rio
Stylist: Elodie Thierry
Hair & Make Up Artist: Hélène Lefèbvre
Location Manager: David Duquesne
Colorist: Tristan Westeel
Music: Alexis Dehimi

Hélène Delahodde
Sasha Véret
Aurélien Deschamps
Océane Gomez
Théo Gontrand

Red Gemini 5K S35

Lenses: Canon L lenses series

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