Elements of Iceland

Iceland is hands down one of my favourite countries to explore and capture.
Having visited a few years ago and already made a traditional travel video, this time I wanted to focus solely on the elements and the landscapes of Iceland. That meant concentrating on water, lava, the wind, and anything nature-related with the least human interaction and impact possible.

During this trip I was fortunate enough to also make one of my dreams come true – to see and capture an active volcano with lava flows. An incredible experience that I will never forget.

Iceland has once again been incredible, it also turned out to be my first proper solo trip.

I hope this video transports you there and can make you feel what I’ve experienced during that week.

Audio created using only SFX and music from Artlist.
Headphones recommended.

Shot on the BMPCC6K Pro and Mavic 2 Pro.
(some shots on the Eos R)

Trip summary :
6 days, 1980kms, 532GB of content, 1 active volcano, 28h of driving, 71kms of hiking and walking, 6 delicious burgers, 4 hot dogs, not enough sleep, a million waterfalls, 1 drone crash, hours staring at lava, 3h getting soaked, 3 3am wake-up calls, 10 coffees, 1 amazing trip !!

Let me know if you have any questions in the comments :).

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