ASIFA-East Festival Best in Show 2015
Stuttgart Festival of Animated Film – Animated Com Award 2015
Reggio Film Festival – Audience Jury Award 2015

Animation Block Party 2014
Chicago International Film Festival 2014
KLIK! Amsterdam Animation Festival 2014
Animation Breakdown Roundup! 2 (2014)
Animac 2015
Athens Animfest 2015 (ANIMATION MARATHON)
Athens International Film + Video Festival (Ohio) 2015
Florida Film Festival 2015
Wisconsin Film Festival 2015
Golden Kuker-Sofia International Animation Film Festival 2015
Future Film Festival 2015
Stuttgart International Festival of Animated Film 2015
ASIFA-East Animation Festival 2015
Seattle International Film Festival 2015
Iron Mule Short Comedy Film Series
Melbourne International Animation Festival 2015
Anima Mundi 2015
Mercedes-Benz Classic Open Air 2015
HollyShorts 2015
LINOLEUM Animation Festival 2015
Martha’s Vineyard International Film Festival 2015
World Festival of Animated Film, Varna 2015
DC Shorts 2015
Cordoba International Animation Festival 2015
Oderkurz-Filmspektakel 2015
Milwaukee Film Festival 2015
Andorra Kid’s Film Festival 2015
KROK Animated Film Festival 2015
International Film Festival of Comedy Funcinema 2015
Animasyros International Animation Festival 2015
Woodstock Film Festival 2015
3D Wire 2015
Heart of Gold International Short Film Festival 2015
Tacoma Film Festival 2015
Court Metrange Festival 2015
Tallgrass International Film Festival 2015
Reggio Film Festival 2015
Primanima 2015
International Festival of Animation Wiesbaden, Germany 2015
ReAnimania International Animation Film Festival 2015
Animae Caribe Animation and New Media Festival 2015
Asiana International Short Film Festival 2015
Animated Dreams International Animation Film Festival 2015
Sweaty Eyeballs Animation Invitational 2015
FILMETS Badalona Film Festival 2015
London International Animation Festival 2015
Roanne Animation Short Film Festival, Cine Court Anime 2016
Monstronale Film Festival 2016

Direction/Animation: Nate Theis
Sound: Nate Theis & Tanner-Monagle, Inc


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