Disneyland Paris Frozen celebration

Disneyland Paris presents “The Frozen Celebration” from 11th January to 3rd May 2020.

Senior Manager Production: Nathalie Raverat-Teilhac
Head of Production: Carole Jublot
Producer: Andy Standley
Producer Assistant: Nicolas Tryant
Artistic Director: Eric Verdi Sartori
Director: Günther Gheeraert
1st AD: Sophie Pochon
DP/Movi: Nils Ruinet
AC: Maxime Mogette
Crane Leader: Jean Chesneau
Camera Crane: Jb Jay
Crane Team: Vincent Blasco / Grégoire Benzaquen / Anna Katia Vincent
Technical Coordinator: Fabien Rogez
Technical Assistants: Eric Charansol / Guillaume Laurent / Valentin Camphin
Editing / Motion Design: Günther Gheeraert
Colorist: Nils Ruinet
Camera: Red Gemini
Lenses: Sigma Art Series / Canon L Series

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