Deshaun Watson heroics & "The dumbest play of the week" | Chris Simms Unbuttoned (Ep. 85 FULL)

Chris & Paul do a deep dive into the best (Deshaun Watson) and worst (WTF Miami?) plays of the week. Also, Big Phil stops by and defends Mitchell Trubisky. #NBCSports #ChrisSimmsUnbuttoned #DeshaunWatson #HoustonTexans

(3:00) AZ-NO: Drew Brees’ TD pass to Taysom Hill “Now that Brees is back, Taysom Hill is a weapon again in the offense.”
(11:05) “If the Saints have a weakness, it’s Brees’ ability to stretch the field.”
(18:25) OAK-HOU: Deshaun Watson gets kicked in the face, still throws TD “Watson is not Charlie Checkdown, he’s Bobby Bombs-Away.”
(28:35) Big Phil reveals if it’s true that Chris was a good student in high school
(31:45) “Do you think the Chicago Bears are salvageable?”
(36:35) On Aaron Rodgers: “Let me say this. NOBODY ELSE COULD MAKE THOSE THROWS.”
(48:55) “Who wins right now? The 49ers or the Patriots?”
(51:30) CLE-NE: Browns back-to-back-to-back turnovers “Jonathan Jones is the star not for the fumble, but for the hustle.”
(56:40) On Baker Mayfield’s shovel pass interception: “This is a play he’s not even supposed to think about.”
(1:02:05) “If I had to grade the game, I’d probably tell you Cleveland won more plays than New England.”
(1:04:25) James White’s 59-yard screen on 3rd & 10 “This play broke because of one player.”
(1:12:20) PHI-BUF: Miles Sanders 65-yard TD run “This should not have been a big play.”
(1:16:35) “I feel like the Eagles think they’re the Chiefs sometimes…You’re not. You’re not the Chiefs.”
(1:21:15) Dolphins all-out blitz on 3rd & 20 “Has there been a dumber play this year?”

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Deshaun Watson heroics & “The dumbest play of the week”| Chris Simms Unbuttoned (Ep. 85 FULL)

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