The Dark Age 2.0

Our literature pay-walled. Our photography watermarked. Music and art is infected with DRM. Subscription software, regionalised encryption. Intellectual property traded as a commodity. Ownerships can be bought, copyrights sold. A culture submerged by a wash of commercialism, in danger of being swept away in the flood.

So I imagined a museum of the future, looking back at our century, marveling at what we’d produced. Our legacy – encrypted books, unplayable albums, imagery lumbered with usage rights, artistic statements traded as investment opportunities. And our main output – data – rendered unreadable. Truly a second dark age.

Cinema4D, Houdini. Rendered in RedShift, colour & post production in AfterEffects. More info here:


Soundtrack assembled in Garageband using Audiokit Synth One and Sunriser (iPad).

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