Customize nude polishes at ORLY’s color labs

Orly Color Labs in Los Angeles offers an in-person and virtual custom nail polish experience. A mixologist works with you to create any color, including nude shades, neon shades, and shades with pearls and shimmers. Insider producers Caroline Aghajanian, Nico Reyes, and Marisa Palmer booked a Zoom appointment with a mixologist to try to create the perfect nude polish based on their skin tone. You can customize nail polishes in person or virtually, which is what we did. The customization experience starts online, as each client selects their closest nude shade from a picture. Then the client connects via Zoom to see their color being made and make adjustments if necessary. For nude polishes, the mixologist considers each individual’s skin tone and undertone when mixing colors. The nail polishes are all vegan and cruelty-free. Visit for more information.

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