Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Vincent Rodriguez Comes Clean About Pranking Rachel Bloom On-set!! | Hollywire

Here at the Hollywire X Smirnoff SXSW event, we have Vincent Rodriguez III who plays Josh Chan from Crazy Ex-Girlfriend with us. Watch as Vincent plays Hollywords with us and spills what happens on the blooper reels!
While playing Hollywords, Vincent landed on Superhero Powers, and Vincent says he wants Superman’s Powers because that’s more fun than talking about their celeb crush right?
Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is currently wrapping up as the show is in it’s final season, and Vincent recalls some of the funniest moments he has on the set. One time while on set waiting for Rachel Bloom to open the door for him, Vincent, instead of standing there decides to moon her, isn’t that wild?! Talk about a major blooper reel laugh out loud.
CXG Fam Bam, the nickname that Vincent still uses today, while it was in the script, Vincent is still using the name today because he really does feel like the cast is his Fam Bam…Literally!
Vincent remembers reading the script for Crazy Ex-Girlfriend in his Living room after the skype call and being sad knowing the show is going to end and now it’s wrapping up, how time really flies right! Even though the show is wrapping up, Vincent knows that the meaning and messages will still resonate with fans long after.

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