Corbyn won’t apologise over anti-Semitism claims

The leader of the UK’s main opposition party refused to apologise to British Jews on Tuesday (November 26). It comes after Britain’s chief rabbi said Jeremy Corbyn was unfit to be prime minister for failing to stem anti-Semitism within his party. This was the fiery exchange on a BBC election special, between Corbyn and journalist Andrew Neil: (NEIL:) – wouldn’t you like to take this opportunity tonight to apologise to the British Jewish community for what’s happened?”) “What I’ll say is this: I am determined that our society will be safe for people of all faiths. I don’t want anyone to be feeling insecure in our society and our government will protect every community…” (NEIL: “So no apology?”) “…against the abuse they receive on the streets, on the trains, or in any or any other form of life.” (NEIL: “So no apology for how you’ve handled this? Try one more time. No apology?”) “No, hang on a minute, Andrew. Can I explain what we’re trying to do?” (NEIL: “You have and you’ve been given plenty of time to do that. I asked you if you wanted to apologise and you haven’t.”) “Andrew, I don’t want anyone to go through what anyone has gone through.” (NEIL: “And you’ve said that several times. I understand that, Mr Corbyn, I was asking you about an apology. Let’s move onto Brexit.” Conservative Prime Minister Boris Johnson said the rabbi’s statement was a “serious business”, and showed a failure of leadership from Corbyn. The Conservatives though – are facing their own claims of racism. On Tuesday The Muslim Council of Britain said Islamaphobia is particularly acute in Johnson’s party. A minister said the Conservatives will hold an inquiry into the issue. Britons will get to choose their next leader on December 12th.

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