Congo: President Mobutu's Hometown Gbadolite – BBC News

Visit the overgrown jungle home of former President Mobutu Sese Seko who ruled the country he re-named Zaire for 32 years.

His daughter Fyfy shows us round. She remembers a Picasso painting that used to hang on the wall.

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In 1965, Mobutu assumed the presidency after a bloodless coup and became a textbook dictator, dividing and persecuting his rivals – and through nepotism and corruption he enriched himself at the expense of the country, which he renamed Zaire.

In his remote home town of Gbadolite, he built a lavish palace and an airport to fly in luxuries like pink champagne. The runway was long enough to land Concorde – which he chartered.

But when he was ousted in 1997, time stopped in the remote town. The jungle has now reclaimed his palace. To Find out more:

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