Cash & Maverick Baker’s Most Liked Photo On Instagram is What?!

Cash and Maverick Baker are in the Hollywire studio!! First question – is it Cash and Maverick or Maverick and Cash?! They give us their thoughts. We played Hollywords with them and got to know their favorite food combinations, favorite fast food places in Oklahoma and more. The two tell us about their new song “Queen” – the inspiration and the writing process they go through in the studio. They also confess there is some “friendly competition”, but nothing keeps them more motivated than each other.

Cash and Maverick Baker are internet and social media stars both born and raised in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The teens gained a lot of popularity through Tik Tok videos, where they started to create dubbed and lip syncing videos together. Their Tik Tok platform has gained over 7.5 million followers, where his Instagram account has over 750,000. The Baker brothers also created a youtube channel called ‘Cash and Maverick’ with around 400,000 subscribers. Cash released his first single “The Way You Move” in November of 2018. After that, he recently released his new music video “Whatever it Takes” in April 2019.

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