Campesinos explores the lives of Patagonian Cowboys (Gauchos) living in Chile, at the end of the world in isolation. It is a portrait of sacrifice, tradition and endurance in extreme conditions, identifying what it truly means to be alone.

Un vistazo a la vida de los Gauchos de la Patagonia Chilena, que viven de forma aislada en el fin del mundo. Un retrato del sacrifico, la tradición y la resistencia en condiciones extremas, y de lo que realmente significa estar solo.

Director / Editor: Matias Bolla
Director of Photography: Miller Best
Music Composed by: Darren Lim
Colour Grade: Matt Fezz

This film is dedicated to the Gauchos of Patagonia.

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Matias Bolla Provides a Glimpse Into the Lives of Isolated Patagonian Gauchos in Enthralling Doc ‘Campesinos’

Short Film of the Week: Campesinos

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