Brexit: Theresa May updates MPs on draft deal – BBC News

Theresa May addressed MPs on the EU withdrawal agreement, which was formally agreed by the leaders of the other 27 EU nations at the weekend.

On Gibraltar, which was a last minute sticking point in the negotiations, she says the government is committed to protecting all parts of the UK and has the support of the Gibraltar government in the approach they have taken.

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The prime minister says neither side is “entirely happy” on the arrangements reached. She stresses that the negotiations required “give and take on both sides”.

“There is no deal that comes without a backstop, and without a backstop there is no deal,” she says.

The UK has refused to back down over fishing access for EU fleets, with some continuing to push for a change to that approach. To them, she says “it is not going to happen”.

Theresa May tells MPs – “with absolute certainty” – that there is not a better deal available.

It is now time to back the deal and “move on to building a brighter future of opportunity and prosperity for all our people.” Voting down the deal would, she says, return the country to “square one”.

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