Behind the Scenes of ‘After Louise’

A film about a film and wonderful journey into the making and story of the upcoming independent production ‘After Louise’ using my Vimeo-esque style.

After Louise is a film about a newlywed bride who takes off on a spur-of-the-moment road trip kidnapping the hotel’s gardener, a recluse with an interesting past?

Film making is my passion, my hobby and I have been lucky enough to work with professional and talented film makers because of Vimeo. As a ‘Behind the Scenes’ film maker I have had the privilege of seeing all aspects of the film being made. From initial conception to post production it can takes years to make a feature film encompassing many different departments and great planning. I have been involved with the producers in making After Louise since the start and we even used the fields of ‘Golden Harvest’, ‘Our Orchard’ and my father’s car in the film.

I hope you find the story interesting and it gives you a good insight of making a feature film and so please sit back and find some time to enjoy.

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