At Home with Isabel López-Quesada – NOWNESS

Located in the Pays Basque in south-west France, the elegant holiday home of Spanish interior designer Isabel López-Quesada is a chic testament to everyday design and the easy sophistication of Zara Home, whose products and furnishings grace her light-filled property. For this new film, López-Quesada welcomed director and NOWNESS collaborator Max Hemmings into her private retreat to talk about how our home makes us who we are, and the importance of making someone feel ‘at home’.

By turns stylish and intimate, this portrait of the Madrid-based interiorist—whose design philosophy extols the creative combination of tradition and modernity—celebrates the ways in which we feel comfortable in our own surroundings, where the home represents a repository of our feelings, emotions, experiences, and memories.

The Zara Home collaborator, whose interior projects stretch from Philadelphia to Madrid, has been recognized by a number of accolades, including Architectural Digest’s ‘AD100’ and the Spanish edition of the same magazine’s ‘Best Interiorist’ award.

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