“As above, so below”

As Above is a short film exploring the tight link between the microscopic world and immensity of the universe.
Illustrating our universe’s never ending dance of destruction and creation, in which life can emerge…

As Above was made of one single shot filmed on the 8mm2 (0.3 square inch) surface of a chemical reaction.

The environment in which we live, is at the constant mercy of the ever changing flow of planets, stars and galaxies… As well as the composition of the microscopic world.
“As Above” is an invitation to contemplate the beauty of this perpetual movement of which we are part of… And perhaps invite the viewer to reflect on his position in the universe and the preciosity of life.

In the same ways, recent events have shown us that a microscopic virus could have a destructive
impact on humanity… A destructive impact counter weighted by a positive impact on our planets
global ecosystem.


Created by Roman Hill
Music by Thomas Vanz
Co-produced by Nano-Lab

Special thanks to
Léa Morel
Paul Mignot
Naïs Zoppi
Nicolas Méliand
Marie Pascale Carruel
Jonathan Fitas
Charles Hill
Chip Bailey

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Read more about AS ABOVE (behind the scenes, interview…)

Roman Hill

Thomas Vanz

Don’t hesitate to reach me by mail to get access to the full press package

Footage available for licensing.

© Roman Hill 2020

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