Artist Turns Balloons Into Poppable Costumes

TikTokker @BalloonJosh is a professional balloon artist who creates wearable costumes made entirely out of balloons. Josh has been working in balloon art since he was 9 years old, but never had any formal training in balloon twisting, or costume making. He went viral in 2014 after making an Iron Man-inspired balloon costume that Robert Downey Jr. reposted on Facebook. He has since made over 100 balloon dresses and amassed 2 million TikTok followers, developing his own unique approach to balloon-dress making in the process. Here he makes a full-length balloon dress inspired by Belle from “”Beauty and the Beast.””

-00:26 preparing materials
-00:36 creating the neckline
-00:49 twisting costume onto model
-01:07 creating the skirt
-01:31 adding details
-01:56 the finished costume
-02:14 popping costume to remove

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