Apacheta (Cairn)

Chopo searches for a legacy buried under his old family ranch in the mountains. He has a particular way to remind his search.

The lead actor is a real stock breeder that lives at the house of the film, also is the director’s uncle. His lifestyle was the inspiration for creating this cinematic story.

In Andean countries, the Apacheta (Cairn) is considered as a guide for travelers on lonely roads and is an ancestral tradition to honor the land. www.cazadorfilms.com/apacheta

A Film by Jorge Monsalve @monsalveco
Executive Producers: Danielle Ferraz @elleferraz
& Jorge Monsalve
Director: of photography: Jose Gustin
1AD: Giacomo Cochella
Produced by Javier Mendoza
Music: Jose “Chick” Aguirre & Daniel Ruiz
Sound Desing: La Sound Facktory
Country: Perú
Cast: Roberto Barrenechea, Carlos Carmen, Jorge Vasquez

Official Selection – 33º Autrans International Mountain Film Festival, France
Best international Cinematography – 24º FESANCOR International Film Festival, Chile
13° Inkafest Mountain Film Festival, Perú
Official Selection – 21º Festival de Cine de Lima – Filmocorto , Perú
Official Selection – 35º Festival Cinematográfico Internacional del Uruguay
Perspective – 13º AKBANK Short Film Festival, Turkey
Official Selection – 9º JAIPUR International Film Festival, India
Official Selection – 9º Festival de Cinéma Péruvien de Paris, France
Official Selection – 8º International Hall of the Light®, Colombia
Official Selection – 5º Festival internacional BioBio Cine, Chile
Historias cotidianas, Historias Fímicas – LUM, Perú
Official Selection – Cortomontagna, Italy
Official Selection – Festival Internacional de Cine de Quito, Ecuador
Official Selection – Festival Internacional de Cine de Chiloé, Chile
Official Selection – FIC ESMI, Argentina
Official Selection – 7º Festival de Cine Verde de Barichara, Colombia
Official Selection – 7º CINECIPÓ – Festival Internacional do Filme Insurgente, Brasil
Official Selection – 9º Festival Sembrando Cine, Perú
Official Selection – Falcon International Film Festival, UK
Official Selection – FECICAL, Chile
Official Selection – Festival de Cine de los Cerros Valparaiso, Chile

A Cazador Films Production with the support of La Negra Maria Producciones, La Celula Comunicaciones, La Sound Facktory & Prom Perú.


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