AnOther Thing I Wanted To Tell You: Martine Syms – NOWNESS

An editorial collaboration with AnOther Magazine, which asks present-day visionaries to reveal what they are currently inspired by, thinking about or searching for. The subject of the second film is Martine Syms, the Los-Angeles born conceptual entrepreneur whose varied creative output (across design, performance, installation and video), fuse internet culture with cultural theory.

Syms is the artist-theorist for the age of the contemporary internet, responding critically to emergent online discourses with wit and wryness. Her 2015 video work, Notes on Gesture, used clips of an actress with braided hair while responding to cues and and title cards appearing on screen. The actress’s responses, gestures, and movements reflect Vine and GIF formats (looping, ever faster), highlighting not only the nature in which high frequency responses (hot-takes as the still-lifes of 2018), but also the ways in which bodies, particularly the bodies of People of Color, and encoded and used online. She is also the founder of Dominica, a press dedicated to examining blackness “as a tropic, reference, marker and audience in visual culture.” This autumn she is scheduled to open exhibitions at a variety of venues, including Bridget Donahue, New York, and Sadie Coles HQ in London.

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