Andrea Russett Reveals She’s Only Been On ONE Date & Spills The Tea On Her Last Breakup!

Andrea Russett is at VidCon with Tony Moras!! The hilarious Andrea talks to us about how VidCon is not only an event, but now a worldwide phenomenon and how she feels very happy to be part of it each year. After all, Andrea is one of the few that has paved the way for YouTube stars today. We get the deets on her new show “How To Survive A Breakup”. She also talks about how she has ACTUALLY survived her own breakups IRL. More to come for Andrea? Possibly standup comedy but DEFINITELY music!! We love Andrea and can’t wait to see everything she accomplishes in the future.

In 2009, Andrea Russett took the content creation world by storm. She actually began broadcasting on YouTube because of the one and only and Justin Bieber. She created a music video entry for a contest to meet Justin. Although she didn’t win, her entry went viral and launches her career. Since then, she’s been a radio host in Indiana and acted in various movies. She’s made multiple appearances at VidCon and we are so happy we bumped into her this year!

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