An Exit

The video is composed of +6000 images hand-drawn one by one, than elaborated with glitch and mixed techniques.
It’s a project about the constrictive role of women in our society, constantly confined to roles and constantly forced to prove their strenght. At the same time, it wants to portray the inner force of female body and emotionality, through an emotional tension that becomes physical.
For a more specific explanation, you can read my interview for Directors Notes:
And the page of the project:

Song: An Exit – Holly Herndon

Some of the movements of this video are based on Iyar Elezra, Nitzan Ressler, Zina Zinchenko, Maayan Sheinfeld, Adi Zlatin, Hsin-Yi Hsiang, Xanthe van Opstal, Fanny Sage, Simone Schmidt, Althea Corlett, Stephanie Troyak, Olga Sokolova, Eila Valls, Juliette Scalabre-Buffard, Carmen Perfetto, Mirta Boschetti.
The footages used are from: “The Wind” by Jack Brown: – “Spark” by Boris Seewald: – “Disco” by Boris Seewald: – “Conduct” by Boris Seewald: – Several Batsheva Dance Company’s videos: – “Scene Of The Crime” by Rebecca Rice: – “Behind the move” by Kendy Ty: – “Gipsy” by Matt Luck: – “Digital Bolex” by Joe Rubinstein: – “Light in Me” by Wii Yatani: – “Loops & Pictures” by Niels Benoist:

WARNING: The following video contains scenes with flashing lights so it could potentially trigger seizures for people with photosensitive epilepsy.

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