“Amsterdown” a portrait of Amsterdam during the global pandemic. As we explore life in a day of quarantined city, we journey through the usually energetic scene interrupted during an unprecedented time. Punctuated by a gentle bursts of local human activity.

The film was a cathartic exercise for a filmmaker left with very little purpose. Thematically, it’s a visual exploration of space and distance as set by our new way of life. Observing and examining what I could with what I had. Highlighting the contrast found in this emptiness, without comment.

The oral cover of Claire de Lune by the Swingle Singers, which I was attracted to very early on, was a piece that gave the edit a touch of humanity by filling the void left behind by people. We now live in a world that has been set on pause, as opposed to completely switched off – and there’s hope in that. Stay safe and healthy out there.

Prod. Co.: Radical Media
Produced/Directed/Shot/Edited by: Quentin van den Bossche
Executive Producer: Ben Schneider & Jodie Brooks
Prod. Coordinator: Lallie Doyle
Sound Design & Mix: Randall Macdonald @ Wave Studios

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