Amazon, Bezos step up fight to tackle climate change

The founder and CEO of Amazon said he aims to make the global retail behemoth net carbon neutral by 2040. Jeff Bezos, one of the richest men on the planet, announced the plan Thursday. He said it is part of his pledge to meet the global Paris Climate agreement goals 10 years ahead of schedule. 195 nations signed that 2016 accord. A year later, President Trump declared the U.S. would no longer participate. As part of the drive to cut its carbon footprint, Amazon is buying 100,000 electric delivery vehicles – the first to hit the road by 2021. The goal is to have its entire delivery fleet powered by renewable energy by 2030, up from just 40 percent today. And that’s not all – Amazon pledged to invest $100 million to restore forests and wetlands. The e-commerce giant is often chastised for waste: billions of package deliveries – consuming paper, plastic and fossil fuels. Bezos said he hopes his announcement encourages other CEOs to follow his lead ahead of Climate Week, next week’s global gathering of world and company leaders exploring ways to fight climate change.

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