Alisha Marie & Remi Cruz Reveal Their DATING Red Flags!

Tony Moras is hanging out with Alisha Marie and Remi Cruz at Vidcon 2019! We’re catching up with the girls about all things content creation. They talk to us about their podcast “Pretty Basic” and how they’re not the least bit filtered on the show. We also get to know what they’re favorite things are, what activities the girls love to do together most, and of course Alisha Marie’s merch line. These girls are BFF goals!

Alisha Marie is one of the most trending YouTubers right now. She has gained a massive following from her Youtube channel where she makes videos on all kinds of things including pranks, hauls, and staying fit. Her bestie, Remi Cruz, another content creator is a very similar career path. She inspires her fans with her stories of getting into better shape and all the fun things going on in her life. She was also recently nominated for a Shorty Award! These two keep it as real as it gets and that’s why we love them so much! The pair often make videos together like true vlogger best friends! They have a fun witty persona together that fans just can’t get enough of. All of their hilarious stories, life drama and more can be heard on their podcast “Pretty Basic”.

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