‘AILA’AU: Forest Eater

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‘AILA’AU: Forest Eater is a short film that takes viewers on a journey through the infamous 2018 eruption of Kilauea’s lower east rift zone on the Big Island of Hawaii. The film uses select footage from Lance Page, Michael Lienau and G. Brad Lewis with a very special shot by Adrian Hein and blends together a rich visual feast. Featuring Sam Cossman in full lava suit at lava rivers edge, testing out C-THRU from Qwake Technologies.

As the visuals dazzle, the original music and sound design helmed by Stefan Scott Nelson and Kevin Dippold create a dark dreamy melody that nicely accents the incredible, beautiful and bizarre wonder of nature. The otherworldly sound mix is accompanied by Stephanie Dosen’s powerful vocals blended with a handful of other choice musical contributions.

Rather than use a more literal documentary style of storytelling, the film keeps a visceral, sensory driven approach as in the style of Page’s previous two Kilauea films. This eruption became the focus of a third chapter of the Kilauea eruption trilogy by Page Films that began in 2014 and ended strong with an epic finale of a 35 year long Hawaiian eruption.

‘AILA’AU: Forest Eater

a film by Lance Page


featuring Sam Cossman

in association with Global Net Productions

and G. Brad Lewis Photography

cinematography by
Lance Page
Michael Lienau
G. Brad Lewis

additional footage by
Adrian Hein

original score / sound design
Stefan Scott Nelson

re-recording mixer / sound design
Kevin Dippold

musical contributors
Stephanie Dosen
Joseph Robert Nelson
Kathleen Kim
Danny T. Levin
Rafe Mandel

©2020 Page Films

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