Afterlight – NOWNESS

Director Littichai Siriprasitpong collaborates with choreographer and dancer Dujdao Vadhanapakorn to create a performance piece that questions the roots of identity. Screened alongside a live performance during the Bangkok Biennale in 2018, the film explores colonial mentality and western influence in East Asia.

The film is as much about the performance as it is the space: the East Asiatic Company Building is a vacant and crumbling memento marking over one hundred years of European trade and cultural influence in Thailand. Bangkok-based filmmaker Littichai comments, “in consequence of globalization and the absence of awareness of our cultural backgrounds, Thai culture is more mixed and baffled than ever.“

“My intention as a director is to be as much of an observer of the performance as possible. Ultimately, the project is to capture her performance in its truest form possible.”

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