After the Caliphate: IS threat in South East Asia – BBC News

It took years of fighting and an international effort to defeat the Islamic State group, but its caliphate and leader are now gone.

However, IS was a different type of terror group – its fighters didn’t travel alone, but brought entire extended families with them.

Many survived but few countries have made a decision about what to do with the 70,000 people – around 10,000 children among them – who travelled to Syria to support IS and are still held there.

The BBC met Nada Fedulla who was brought to Syria by her father but now does not know if she will be able to return home to Indonesia.

And followed the trail of an Indonesian couple who spent three years, in four countries, in search of martyrdom for IS.

Correspondent: Quentin Sommerville

Camera: Darren Conway

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  1. If this report is true, why did President Trump say in his SotU speech that not one single ID operative remained alive and active? Perhaps I missed the part where he explained that this was a hoped-for, not accomplished, deal.


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