A few moments with Luke Perry

Some of the rare glimpses of Luke Perry I personally took 5 years ago and my tribute to a great person who tragically passed away well before his time with still so much left to give and do.

From Beverly Hills to Balham, who would have thought that Luke Perry having read the script took up the offer to star in our film ‘The Beat Beneath My Feet’.

From my observation he was an extremely talented actor with lots of technical knowledge, kind and yet a little shy. This is just a few rare moments with Luke from my behind the scenes footage from all those years ago.

He really suited this role as Max Stone, a disgraced Rock God who had disappeared only to be found by his young neighbour living in council flat in South London. The film was nominated for a number of awards including Generation Plus award at Berlinale.

You can read more about his role in the film here http://www.robmcgibbon.com/luke-perry-interview-october-2013/

and see some of the behind the scenes below


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