4 remain missing after cargo ship capsizes

Four crew members were unaacounted for after a cargo ship carrying vehicles apparently capsized early Sunday morning in St. Simons Sound, off the coast of Georgia. Captain John Reed says safey concerns limited rescue operations. (SOUND BITE) “Once salvage professionals have determined the vessel to be stable, we will identify the best option to continue our rescue efforts for the four crew members who remain on board.” Captain Reed added that flames and heavy smoke hindered their work to find everyone on board. (SOUND BITE) “Twenty of the 24 people on board have been rescued at this time. As smoke and flames began to appear, our crews along with the Glynn County Heavy Rescue Team assessed that the situation was too risky to further go inside the vessel to attempt to locate the four individuals who remain missing at this time.” The U.S. Coast Guard has also launched an investigation into how the ship ended up on its side. (SOUND BITE) “The fire that was observed this morning was coming off of the starboard side. It looked to be about the area of the cargo and it was black smoke. Since then, we, the flames have gone out and the black smoke has ceased. But we are unable to determine specifically without going inside whether the fire has been completely extinguished.” The Port of Brunswick, Georgia, remains closed as the rescue and recovery efforts continue.

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